Meet Our Clinical Staff


Gabriela Leyva, MS

Grief Support Specialist: Expressive Arts Program

Gabriela believes children and teens perceive death differently from adults, and their reactions may be varied. Through art activities, she reviews how children grieve and how parents and other caring adults can help them understand death better allowing them to grieve in a healthy and meaningful way and provide them with coping skills.

Gabriela Leyva is a Cum Laude MS in Human Development and Psychotherapist for more than 12 years, Postgraduate Diploma in Positive Psychology and Gestalt Psychology with children, Postgraduate Certificate in Gestalt Psychology, and Finance Bachelor. Gabriela is also a Consultant for the “SELF” program at Family Services of Lake County and a Faculty Member and Educational Art Consultant at The Art Center in Highland Park, where she creates diverse bilingual Art Therapy programs for children, teens, and adults.