Student Internship Job Description

Clinical Student Intern Job Description

The mission of Willow House is to develop and provide supportive services for children, teens, families, schools and communities who are coping with grief and the death of a loved one. 

Willow House is a non-profit organization dedicated to the needs of grieving children and their families.  We are recognized as a leader in the field of children’s grief locally and nationally. Peer support group services are provided in four locations, Arlington Heights, Chicago, Libertyville and Bannockburn, including a group for children and families grieving a suicide death and a unique expressive arts group.

Student interns at Willow House work along side staff in all areas of program service delivery, organizational events, and learning opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • Internship Requirements
    • Students are required to attend ALL groups at all the group sites (Libertyville, Arlington Heights, Chicago and Bannockburn).
    • Groups meet on two Mondays and three Thursdays a month.
    • Start group in Fall (mid-late August) and end their internship at the end of May
    • Participate in weekly clinical supervision
    • Flexibility during school holidays/vacations is necessary to meet the needs of clients
    • Flexibility in job responsibilities—much be willing to do some clerical work and housework, as Willow House is a place where everyone pitches in to get the job done
    • Participation in special clinical projects, as assigned
    • Participation in special events or opportunity to represent Willow House in the community (may occur on a weekend)
    • Participate in our Facilitator Training (17 hour training)
    • Follow all requirements as outlined in Intern Training Manual
  • Grief Support Groups
    • Participate in Family Intakes and Assessments through observation initially and eventually facilitating intakes independently
    • Co-facilitating support groups for children and teens who are grieving the death of their mom, dad, sister or brother
    • Assist with planning for support groups which includes curriculum development, identifying appropriate literature related to curriculum to be read to the younger children, gathering and packing necessary supplies
    • Participating in pre and post group briefings with all staff and group facilitators
  • Community Outreach and Education
    • Participate in workshops, seminars and other educational forums about Grieving Children, Teens and Families and other related topics presented by staff to schools and other community organizations
    • Participate in school services; in particular, consultation sessions and crisis intervention
    • Researching and providing resources for community members and others calling for support services
  • Special Events
    • Work with staff in the planning and development of special program events for Willow House families, included but not limited to:
    • Annual Holiday Candlelight Remembrance Gathering in November
    • Annual Walk & 5k Run to Remember
    • Annual Spring Benefit
    • Special workshops and psych-educational events for families
    • Fundraising opportunities
  • Organizational Opportunities
    • Participate in staff and team meetings, as scheduling allows
  • Research & Resource Development
    • Ongoing research related to group curriculum, the field of grief and youth and more, as it pertains to current Willow House projects and / or to the students’ course work
  • Our commitment to Student Clinical Interns
    • Minimum of one hour of clinical review/supervision per week
    • Monthly staff support meeting
    • Experience working with most/all age groups throughout the year
    • Experience facilitating school or community groups